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Welcome to Masadon From New York, Metal Multi-Instrumentalist
Ashley HM is the founder and manager of this music.
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Entry 12-01-2022.

As we go into the unknown future, there is hope.
As we are into the new year 2022, somethings in particular in my world are going so awesomely!
I had a great break and things have been better than expected, great times they sure are.
I’m not sure what this year holds but I hope it will be a good one.
Thanks to all my family, friends and fans of my music you are all awesome, thank-you!
Thanks for all your wonderful support have a great 2022! All the best, Ashley!

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Masadon's music is best described as Metal music.

-[blog Update] 12/01/2022
I hope you enjoy listening to 'Masadon', it's a real banger!! haha. and all the best! - Ashley!