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Welcome to Masadon From New York, Metal Multi-Instrumentalist
Ashley HM is the founder and manager of this music.

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It’s been a long road. And on this road, we have withstood covid 19 and all the challenges of the last couple of years.
For the most part we are doing pretty good in these great times we are in.
Ashley HM has launched her new website and her new band identity for 2022! 'Masadon'!!

She has finished her new artist tittle track ‘Masadon’! The name Masadon is a Mountain in Victoria, Australia close to where she grew up.
She has spelt it a bit differently however. The mountain sometimes gets snow and is a magical place that Ashley calls home.
With that said she is going back to her roots in making her new song which is a Metal / Power Metal song about this mountain and standout events through her Epic life on this earth. Ashley is Old Skool and loves Doom the game and most Boomer made gadgets. An 80's child she is!

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Masadon's music is best described as Metal music.


-[blog Update] 12/01/2022
I hope you enjoy listening to 'Masadon', it's a real banger!! haha. and all the best! - Ashley!